Swished brand
Swished is a GenZ led app for clothing rentals.
Our users have built a community of environmentally conscious young girls and women who focus on sustainability and shun away from fast fashion. They celebrate their individuality and it’s a refreshing group to work with.
What is Swished?
Swished is a fashion rental / listing app with the aim to minimise the use of fast fashion and the effect is has on a global scale. 
As design lead my main contribution was ideation and prototype design for an MVP, working with a Product Manager and a team of Engineers to create a viable solution through short iterative sprints. 
As lead designer I also created the Swished brand. I facilitated a brand workshop with key stakeholders, creating and developing concepts and defining the values for the company. These are the brand bible to which we adhere to for everything Swished. 
Other contributions include, supporting marketing on any marketing collateral as well as website design.
Design and branding workshops, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing. App UI design, working to the lean methodology in design sprints, liaising with product team and
key stakeholders. Creating brand logo and collateral, website and marketing materials.
Moving away from a Shopify store to a native app experience. Ensuring imagery quality was uniform and had maximum impact. Creating a seamless experience for both renters and listers.
Younger women and teens are conscious about where clothing is sourced and are open to adapting to the rental format.
Key design tasks
Architecture / sitemap
Sketching / crazy 8’s
Iterative prototyping
UI design
Brand workshop
Brand design and development
Website design
Ideation / Sitemap / Crazy 8’s / Sketching / Wireframes
Crazy 8's
Iterative prototyping
UI Design
The Swished brand that tells a story about what our users are trying to achieve. The full-stop at the beginning of the word represents the end to the way we are purchasing clothes and Swished is the future of how we dress from now on. 
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