I am a Senior Creative with over 20 years experience working in digital. With a broad and varied skill set including UI/UX, branding, prototyping and mentoring, I have the
ability to design across a broad range of projects. I believe in clean, elegant UX and design which is meaningful and communicates appropriately. My passion and enthusiasm for design are contagious and I achieve results through support and encouragement from the teams I work with. I am dedicated, self motivated and highly professional.
The talent and passion I possess in my design work is translated over into my love of photography and personal projects.
Specialties: UX / UI Design (multi-language, cross platform), prototyping, CSS, HTML, motion graphics, branding, typography, GV sprints, leading multidisciplinary teams and mentoring.
"I got the pleasure of working with Clare for around 3 and a half years. She took me under her wing during my placement year at Nova and helped me develop into the career I have today. Clare was always there to give her expertise knowledge and reasoning behind design decisions and was always up to date with the current trends of UX. Working with Clare was always a pleasure, her personality brings the best out of everyone and we developed a real friendship. I hope we get to work together again in the future!" 
Adam Chapman, UX Engineer, BAE Systems
"Clare is the most passionate designer I have ever had the pleasure of working with, as a front-end Developer I learnt so much working along side her, she has strongly influenced my consideration and attention to design. As well as being a lot of fun to work with, her work is always highly polished with extreme attention to detail. Some of the projects I am most proud of are a result of Clare's creative lead."
James Bailey, Full Stack Developer and Technical Consultant
"I worked with Clare over a three year period at amaze and I can honestly say that in that time she both influenced and inspired me to develop into a better Creative. Always a step ahead on current trends within design and culture events, and constantly impressing her peers with beautifully designed interfaces and innovative solutions to complex design problems. It was a pleasure to work alongside Clare, and I trusted and respected her opinions in all things creative. As a junior designer fresh out of University, I could not of asked for a better mentor than Clare, who willingly offered up her wealth of knowledge within the digital industry."
Paul Robertson, Freelance Senior Designer
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