Senti brand
Data visualisation app to accompany the Senti vest which monitors patient lung behaviour, in order to help with early diagnosis and prevent unnecessary hospitalisation.
As design lead my main contribution was ideation and prototype design for an MVP that visualises data from a wearable garment. Working with a Product Manager and a team of Engineers and Product Designers to create a viable solution through short iterative sprints.
 As lead designer I also built the Senti brand running a brand workshop with key stakeholders and Nova marketing, creating and developing concepts and defining the values for the company. 
Other contributions include, supporting marketing on any marketing collateral and Product Designers for branding on material and 3D printing.
Design and branding workshops, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing. App UI design, working to the lean methodology in design sprints, liaising with product team and key stakeholders. Creating brand logo and collateral.
Displaying data in a readable format for clinicians. Animation of lungs to replicate the patients breathing during a test. Providing functionality that allowed clinicians to carry out patient testing remotely. Creating an app that worked seamlessly with Clinicians existing workflow.
Clinicians preferred an interface that could be displayed on screen with current apps that they use while performing tests. 
Key design tasks
Sketching / crazy 8’s
Iterative prototyping
UI design
Brand workshop
Brand design and development

Ideation / Crazy 8’s / Sketching / Wireframes
Iterative Prototyping
UI Design
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