Resurgence brand
A quality led serialised novels platform that offers engaging content that is moderated to ensure desired material only is accessible to readers. The aim is to inject some of the more traditional publishing methods into the industry that gives fair pay to our authors and holding ourselves up to ethical standards.
As design lead my main contribution was ideation and prototype design for an MVP to be tested. Through ideation sessions, sketching, prototyping and usability testing we developed a native app that aims to revolutionise the serialised novel industry, by providing quality content and rewarding authors and readers fairly and ethically. Worked with a Product Manager and a team of Engineers to create a viable solution with short iterative sprints. 
As lead designer I also created the Resurgence re-brand through a brand workshop, creating and developing concepts and defining the values for the company and creating brand guidelines. 
Other contributions include, supporting marketing on any marketing collateral as well as website design.
Design and branding workshops, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing. App UI design, working to the lean methodology in design sprints, liaising with product team and key stakeholders. Creating brand logo and collateral, website and marketing materials.
Creating unique and engaging content that makes Resurgence stand out from competitors and enhancing user experience for readers and authors with an ethical and accessible approach.
Quality of content in the initial offering is key. Readers and authors want fair compensation and rewards. An accessible platform is essential for ease of reading, moderation of user generated content is key and keeping users safe from undesirable content.
Key design tasks
Competitor visual analysis
Sketching / crazy 8’s
Iterative prototyping
UI design
Brand workshop
Brand design and development
Website design and build
Ideation / Crazy 8’s / Sketching / Wireframes
Iterative Prototyping
UI Design
Website design
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