Otimo brand
Driving tracker to aid learner drivers with driving practice in build up to taking their theory and practical driving test. Aim to help with quicker and more successful pass rates, giving learner drivers key insights into their performance to help make improvements.
As design lead my main contribution is ideation and prototype design for an MVP to be tested for proof of concept, through to an iteratively produced platform for learner drivers to improve performance and increase success rates. Collaborating with a Product Manager, Founder and a team of Engineers to create a viable solution through short iterative sprints.
As lead designer I also built the Otimo brand with a lean approach, creating and developing concepts and defining the values for the company. 
Other contributions include, supporting marketing on any marketing collateral as well as website design.
Wireframing, prototyping. App UI design, working to the lean methodology in design sprints, liaising with product team and key stakeholders. Creating brand logo and collateral, website and marketing materials.
Displaying data captured from routes driven in a seamless pattern that users can understand. Retaining users with habit building behaviours.
Difficult to convince key stakeholders about the iterative process of design, the value of user feedback and creating unique solution to current competitors to make Otimo stand out.  
Key design tasks
Architecture / sitemap
Sketching / crazy 8’s
Iterative prototyping
UI design
Brand design and development
Website design

Ideation / Crazy 8’s / Sketching / Wireframes
Iterative Prototyping
UI Design
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