CLIK is an app that gamifies hearing tests to increase engagement in young children and provide accurate data for healthcare professionals
Still in prototype phase, CLIK is an accurate and playful way to conduct a hearing test with children anytime, anywhere. With little set up required CLIK is a gamified hearing test that can diagnose a child in the hospital and out in the community.
We created a playful brand for CLIK. Using a friendly and tactile style for the sensory and receptive characteristics for the product.
Animation created by Jonny M Price
User testing
We tested the product with clinicians and patients at Alder Hey and Great Ormond Street Hospital, gaining valuable insights and exciting feedback. One of our test sessions included a child who for the first time responded to audio stimulus from using CLIK. It was a joyous and emotional moment for everyone in the room.
Video created by David Wood
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